Rogue talents classic

Rogues are among the most fun classes to play, especially in PvP, where you can sometimes find yourself as the MVP of your team, or battle group.

Classic WoW: Rogue PvE DPS Guide - Talents, Pre-Raid BiS \u0026 Rotation

Rogues, as always, specialize in stealth, surprise attacks and dealing incredible amounts of damage to a single opponent. In PvP, Rogues make excellent scouts and spies, as they are the absolute masters of stealth.

If you enjoy sneaking up on and assassinating your enemies, or helping your party set up devastating ambushes for your foes, the Rogue is the class for you.

The only class in the game that offers more racial choices than the Rogue is the Warrior, because of this, the choice of which race to play can be difficult. All of the playable races have their appeal and all offer fantastic bonuses with respect to their racial traits. Some are incredibly useful to a Twink, some not at all. The following is a list of all of the races available to a Rogue and the racial traits they posses that have an effect on PvP gameplay. Stoneform is the best racial trait offered by Dwarves for any Rogue engaging in PvP.

It allows you to counter the bleed abilities of the Hunter, Rogue and Warrior while also increasing your armor for a short time. With a short cooldown and a massive short term damage increase, Blood Fury is the absolute best racial trait for Rogues that Orcs possess. Will of the Forsaken is one of the best racial traits for PvP of any kind and of particular use to Rogues, who are often the target of CC effects. This, coupled with Will of the Forsaken, makes the Undead the absolute bane of those classes in PvP as well.

There are a lot of professions to choose from, which can make deciding which ones to go with hard. What follows is a description of each of the Professions that should be of interest to a level 29 Twink Rogue and why. The Flame Deflector still absorbs fire damage, which is still kind of a lot when you consider that that is about what a Greater Healing Potion restores in health, more on that particular item later on down in the buffs section.

It has few expensive reagents that must be truly gathered, most being products of disenchanting items you are already likely to pick up.

It also offers lucrative selling opportunities with the many materials you will acquire from breaking down all of the Green and Blue items you do not need. The ability to simply create the many potions and elixirs that offer decided advantages in PvP at this bracket, instead of having to go shop for them, almost pays for itself.

Alchemy can also be a great way to make money, especially if the reagents and materials can be acquired cheaply. Tailoring and Blacksmithing are useless to a Rogue as well. The Well Fed Buff. This is still viable, but is more complicated to acquire than the Turtle Bisque. The choice is, of course, yours. Alternatively, you could simply purchase them off of the AH.

Take any opportunity you can to fish, because each time you fish is a chance to catch a rare fish that can earn you some good money. Rogues have quite a few nasty abilities that they can employ in a multitude of different scenarios. Some abilities only have use in certain situations, but you will find a use for almost all of them at some point, in or out of PvP. Even at this level, Rogues will often find that they have more options for builds than other classes, as they have talents in every tree that compliment ones in others.

Lightning Reflexes, for example, is a talent that any character, let alone any Rogue, would likely welcome. The builds shown here are only the most straight forward and popular specs. As stated, there are a lot of ways to go with a Rogue, most of which involve doing a lot of damage to a single opponent.

We come to it now, the most time consuming and arduous aspect of building any Twink — the gear. You will not find all of these easily and in fact some may come at a very high cost in either time, or literal funds, but every piece of it is worth it.

Good luck. The enchantments for your gear are almost as important as the gear itself. Make sure to get all of the best enchantments for each gear slot item that can be enchanted. If your Main is not an enchanter, then acquiring these enchantments will be expensive, so keep that in mind.Forgot your password?

Make sure to use the slider to make the guide adapt to your level. For more general leveling information, please refer to our Rogue leveling guide. We also have a Dagger Rogue leveling guide. Move the slider below to make the guide update to your level!

Improved Sinister Strike is a very powerful talent that also helps reduce the cost of Sinister Strike from 45 energy to 40 when you have 2 points in the talent. Improved Gouge increases your Gouge duration from 4 seconds to 5.

Deflection is a means to get Riposte but also helps you proc Riposte, it is a powerful defensive talent that later turns a bit more offensive. Riposte is fantastic when you are questing or when you pull aggro in dungeons. It not only deals a significant amount of damage but also disarms the target.

Endurance significantly decreases the cooldown of Sprint and Evasionwhich increases your survivability and decreases your travel time. The reduced cooldown on Sprint is also desirable to make travel less time consuming in WoW Classic.

Improved Sprint is good for escapes and to counter movement impairing effects. Precision is a required talent for nearly all builds since your chance to hit is such an important stat. Blade Flurry allows you to not only DPS more than 1 target at once, but it also increases your attack speed making it a strong single-target cooldown as well. Aggression is very powerful for the sword leveling build since Sinister Strike is your main combo point generator as a sword Rogue.

Weapon Expertise is not only a means to get to Adrenaline Rush but also provides more weapon skills, which is one of your strongest stats. Adrenaline Rush increases your energy generation rate from 20 to 40 energy every 2 seconds. This is your strongest DPS cooldown and something that you want to utilize with Blade Flurry and multiple mobs for maximum damage. Malice is one of the stronger early talents in the Assassination tree, making it a strong choice to access the rest of the tree.

Improved Slice and Dice significantly increases the uptime of Slice and Dicewhich is a very powerful buff that you will be trying to keep up as much as possible the talent allows you to keep a high uptime while spending less combo points on refreshing the buff. You can choose to talent into Improved Eviscerate instead of Murderas the choice between the 2 is fairly close; Murder is, however, slightly more niche of a choice.

Improved Slice and Dice is also something that can be swapped out and you can use both Murder and Improved Eviscerate together in the place of Improved Slice and Dice, if you do not plan on doing dungeons and instead plan on world leveling.

Murder is a niche option. However if you are consistently fighting against Humanoid, Giant, Beast, or Dragonkin targets then this is a good option. If not, then you can put the points into Improved Eviscerate instead.

rogue talents classic

Relentless Strikes is something that you want to use your finishing moves at 5 combo points only in order to fully take advantage of.

Lethality is a strong talent that really shines the more critical chance you get and is great when paired with Malice. Ruthlessness is what you can finish off your talent tree with. However, you can also choose to take 1 point from Weapon Expertise and the 3 points from Ruthlessness and put those 4 points into Sword Specialization instead.

You start with Sinister StrikeEviscerateand Throwwith the ability to buy Stealth from your class trainer when you get 10 copper which you can choose to wait with until Level 4. As a Rogue, you have limited AoE. Your 2 ways to do AoE are either the talent Blade Flurry or the explosives from the Engineering skill. While leveling, you will want to always be on the lookout for ranged upgrades. Most of your damage will dome from Auto Attacks and certain abilities will scale off of your weapon damage, meaning a weapon upgrade will increase your kill speed by substantially more than any other upgrade.

Rogues also get a huge power spike when they complete their level 20 class quest and get access to Poisons and Thistle Tea, which will be very strong for leveling. Below are links to our guides on Weapons and Class Quests for Rogues.

Well done on hitting maximum level in WoW Classic!Forgot your password? We also have advanced sections about cooldowns, procs, etc. If you have not already, please read the spells summary page. Knowing how each spell and ability works in detail will greatly increase your understanding of the topics discussed on this page.

When it comes to choosing between Dagger and Sword builds for Roguethe choice is completely up to you. The Sword build is an easier build to play for beginners, so you may want to try this out once you have the gold to afford Weapon Mastery.

The Dagger Build is a little bit more advanced, but is still competitive. If you can, you want to start off every fight in Stealthsince some of your most powerful abilities can only be used from Stealth.

Classic Rogue DPS Spec, Builds, and Talents

As a Rogue, the multi-target rotation is very simplistic. Rogue does not have any AoE abilities, however the cooldown Blade Flurry allows your abilities to cleave for 15 seconds. You can also look into Engineering, as it gives you access to bombs which are great for AoE.

rogue talents classic

This rotation assumes that you are using a dagger build, either the generic dagger build or the Horde-optimized Seal Fate dagger build when playing with a Shaman. When playing solo with daggers, you can pool Energy and use Gouge to get behind your target in order to Backstab.

This can be be done later in the leveling process with Kidney Shot as well.

rogue talents classic

You can also look into Engineering, as it gives you access to bombs, which are great for AoE. Rogues do not have many cooldowns that are available outside of the talent tree. The baseline options are SprintEvasionand Vanish. While leveling, you want to use these as often as possible to get as much usage out of them as you can.

Sprint is very helpful for getting around before Level You want to use it as much as possible to maximize how many times you use it while leveling. You get Sprint at Level Evasion is very helpful during solo leveling when you accidently pull too many mobs. There are also times in dungeons when the tank dies and using Evasion can save the group from a wipe.

Vanish is a great ability for threat management in groups. It is also great for getting out of a slow or other movement impairing effects.

You can use this while in a group, without aggro, to go into stealth, allowing you to use one of the stealth-only abilities, such as Garrote or Ambush. Blade Flurry is your only AoE ability, so when you use it while leveling, you want to have at least 2 targets if you can.

Adrenaline Rush is a very powerful cooldown. You want to use this in conjunction with Blade Flurry. You should make sure you have this cooldown for bosses, tough mob packs, and strong quest mobs, since it is one of your strongest cooldowns.

rogue talents classic

Kick is your interrupt ability as a Rogue. This should be used to interrupt a cast. In a dungeon or raid group, make sure to call out your interrupt ahead of time to prevent overlapping your interrupt with another, as interrupts can be the difference between wiping and killing a boss.

This is very useful in dungeons and raids, but it is only be usable from stealth, so either use this on the opener or when you Vanish. You can save your Vanish in order to Cheap Shot CC a mob, but you are usually using your Vanish in order to lower your own threat. Expose Armor with the talent Improved Expose Armor will end up reducing the targets armor when at 5 combo points more than Sunder Armorhowever this ability does overwrite Sunder Armor.

This means that, unless you do not have a Warrior tank in your group, you want to avoid using this ability.Check out our rogue leveling guide on Wowisclassic to help you leveling faster. You'll find the best spec, best gear, addons, to be the first rogue to reach lvl 60! However, In PvP, Rogues have an incredibly high skill cap, so be prepared to spend a lot of time mastering it. At level 31 you will get your first point in Sword Specialization. This Extra Attack Proc will reset your swing timer so if you are about to attack again naturally and this procs the benefit will be wasted.

For this reason, from the point you get Sword Spec onwards you need to use Sinister Strike only after your main hand strike animation. You will learn how to craft poison at lvl This ability allow rogues to coat their weapon, both on Mainhand and OffHand with poisons. This means that regardless of your weapon speed you will be doing the same damage with Poisons. Tracks both your swing timer and your enemies swing timer.

Track your leveling efficiency with precision. More Practical. Decent in PvP. Better Weapon Progression. Lasts 20 sec. A strike that becomes active after parrying an opponent's attack. In addition, attacks strike an additional nearby opponent. Lasts 15 sec. Reduces the chance enemies have to detect you while in Stealth mode. More effective than Master of Deception Rank 1.

More effective than Master of Deception Rank 2. More effective than Master of Deception Rank 3. More effective than Master of Deception Rank 4.

Classic Rogue DPS Guide

Awards 1 combo point. The amount of Armor reduced increases with your level. More effective than Heightened Senses Rank 1. When activated, this ability immediately finishes the cooldown on your other Rogue abilities.Rogues are one of the more popular and downright fun classes to play.

They focus on damage output, which is satisfying and for many, cathartic and their stealth role is both crucial and specialized, as Rogues are the only class, save the Druid, who can actively stealth. In PvP, Rogues are vital damage dealers and scouts, and their abilities are almost always welcome to any battle group, or party. They excel most at single target DPS and in this regard, they are beaten only by Warriors, and only when a given Warrior is kitted out with gear.

The only race that cannot play a Rogue are the poor Tauren, because they are just too big! This can make choosing a race for your rogue just a touch difficult sometimes.

Many of the racial traits offered by the different races are very useful to a Rogue, especially in PvP, but some not at all of use. To help you to figure out which is which, the following is a list of all of the races that can play as a rogue and all of the racial traits of theirs that are of use in PvP. It allows you to counter the bleed abilities of the Hunter, Rogue and Warrior while also increasing your armor for a short time.

Frost Resistance is good for keeping Frost Mages off your back, but not much else. Another trait with a minor, but definite benefit is Find Treasureas Twinking by its nature is expensive and every advantage in that regard helps. Gnomes have Escape Artistwhich counters the CC effects of four other classes and Engineering Specializationwhich gives a little extra advantage in the form of Engineering gadgets and devices that other races cannot access yet.

Arcane Resistance lowers the damage type used by at least three classes and that is good. Perception is handy for being able to spot other sneaky Rogues and less sneaky Druids. The Human Spirit and Sword Specialization offer great passive edges to health regeneration and your chance to hit, which never hurts. Quickness increases your chance to dodge, which is only ever a good thing.

Nature Resistance offers decent protection from the poisons of other Rogues, the Stings of Hunters and the other nature damage used by Shaman and Druids.

Another racial trait of Night Elves, which might seem useless to any Rogue is Shadowmeldhowever, there are two important factors that can make this ability incredibly useful in PvP. Shadowmeld does not share a cooldown with Stealthgiving you the ability to immediately stealth after downing an enemy, as long as you down move and you can eat and drink while in Shadowmeld as well, allowing you to swiftly regain health in safety after a difficult fight.

Orcs With a short cooldown and a massive short term damage increase, Blood Fury is the absolute best racial trait for Rogues that Orcs possess. Hardiness is the other Orcish Racial trait that means anything to a rogue. The Berserking trait is of particular usefulness, especially when things are looking grim.

Regeneration adds a lot of survivability, articularly if you couple it with a regeneration buff to increase its efficacy.

Will of the Forsaken is one of the best racial traits for PvP of any kind and of particular use to Rogues, who are often the target of CC effects. Shadow Resistance is great for countering the damage type used by Priests and Warlocks. This, coupled with Will of the Forsaken, makes the Undead the absolute bane of those classes in PvP as well.

Cannibalize is basically a free somewhat weak bandage, but most importantly — it can be used while in stealth. There are a lot of professions to choose from, which can make deciding which ones to go with hard. Fortunately, one of the coolest professions is also an absolute necessity for a Twink of any class. What follows is a description of each of the Professions that should be of interest to a level 39 Twink Rogue and why. For Twinks of any class, this profession is an absolute must-have.

Along with all of the engineering gadgets and doodads you get before reaching in engineering, there are some seriously fantastic items at this level that are of extreme use in PvP.Forgot your password?

Classic Rogue DPS Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities

If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered as well. Talents can be freely changed when out of combat and in a rested XP area such as an inn or a capital city.

Moreover, Tome of the Tranquil Mind and Codex of the Tranquil Mind can be used to temporarily allow players to change talents anywhere, as long as they are out of combat. While optimizing talents on a contextual basis is the highly recommended method of setting up your build, the talent builds listed below work great for specific purposes. Find Weakness and is the best option on this row for priority damage and multi-target situations.

Weaponmaster performs on a similar level as Find Weakness on single-target, however Find Weakness takes the lead as more targets enter the equation.

Gloomblade is generally only used in PvP situations. Tier 2 talents augment your Stealth and Shadow Dance abilities to provide a damage increase. Nightstalker is our go-to option due to it simply being better than the other options in virtually any situation. Shadow Focus makes the rotation smoother, along with making it easier to utilize every global cooldown during Shadow Dance.

Subterfuge is a weaker than the other options for raid and dungeon purposes, but is a fine choice for questing. Deeper Stratagem is the best option on single-target while also gaining increased value on multi-target.

It also makes Combo Point management easier and helps you not to waste them. Marked for Death is very close to Deeper Stratagem on single-target, but is quite a bit harder to use optimally. Vigor makes the spec more forgiving regarding mistakes, but is weaker than the other two options. Cheat Death is a good choice for players in a raid environment, as it is entirely passive and great for soaking raid mechanics when needed. Elusiveness is technically the best talent in most situations, but requires you to be extremely proficient with Feint usage and very aware of incoming damage.

Generally, Cheat Death is best for learning encounters and soaking high damage mechanics, whereas Elusiveness is great for sustained incoming damage, or soaking frequently occurring mechanics. Soothing Darkness is a useful talent for questing and world content, but has no use in a practical environment. Prey on the Weak is generally the preferred choice here because of the damage boost it provides to your group when focusing the stunned target.

Shot in the Dark is a fine choice for outdoor content to preserve your Health due to the free stun. Enveloping Shadows is the strongest option for single-target due to the sustained damage it offers and also because of the synergy it has with traits such as The First Dance. Dark Shadow offers great burst and is a solid choice for single-target. It is also the best talent in cleave situations due increased resource generation. Alacrity is worse than the other two options in virtually every situation.

Master of Shadows is the best choice for single-target damage and it is a good option for newer and less experienced players. Secret Technique is currently the best option on situations with multiple targets. Shuriken Tornado is highly situational because of how the talent functions.

This talent is the best option to funnel single-target damage on AoE situations. However, due to how situational the talent is, it has very limited use. In Battle for Azeroth, there will be the option to go into "War Mode". Enabling War Mode provides the following benefits:. With the benefits of enabling War Mode for leveling and PvE content, it is recommended to enable the feature to maximize your leveling and rewards at maximum level.

However, you will make yourself available for open world PvP, and the possibility to be "ganked" while leveling or doing World Quests exists. Dagger in the Dark can be used instead of one of the suggested ones to gain a minor damage increase.This includes information on each of the talent abilities, their strengths and weaknesses, and offering tips on how best to make use of these builds. For more information on leveling, be sure to check out our WoW Classic Horde Leveling Guide and Alliance Leveling Guide to figure out the best places to quest and travel to - and the best places to avoid.

This section will give you more information on each of the talents in each of the three trees, and which builds in particular they help promote. The following sections is dedicated to listing and explaining three of the best builds for Leveling, Raiding in PvE Dungeons, and PvP encounters. It should be noted that many Rogue talents in each of the three trees have their own strengths, and many players often find their own preferred builds that may not be exactly the same, so feel free to experiment or change these suggested builds to use the talents you feel resonate with you the most.

Classic Rogue PvP Guide

Choosing to specialize in swords means you'll be forgoing position-based skills like Backstab to focus on whittling down enemies in rapid succession. This is viewed as the best path for new players or those going solo. Note that you can also swap out swords with any other one-handed weapon so long as the damage output is considered an upgrade until you get high enough to put points into sword specialization.

This build relies on maximizing damage output with your bread and butter skills - while maintaining a fast speed of attack at all times.

Note that there are a few changes you can make depending on personal preference:. Note that most of this build can also help you well into raiding at level 60, albeit with a few variations, as a fairly competent sword build. While a sword build can go far into endgame raiding, Rogues that specialize in Daggers can also maximize their damage to be a worthy addition in any dungeon or raid at level Remember that your weapons are the most important thing when gearing up, so find the best possible when seeking to further your damage output.

This build revolves around Seal Fate in the Assassination Tree. By getting critical attacks from attacks like Backstab, you'll always gain more Combo Points, which can then get you to a full meter to unleash either Slice and Dice using the improved Slice and Dice Talent to keep it active longerand then using Eviscerate to deal more damage at a faster rate. Since you'll be primarily using Backstab in dungeons and raids, having 5 in Opportunity is well worth the detour to increase the damage output, as is getting Improved Backstab in Combat to make sure your crit chance is as high as possible to work with Seal Fate.

Unfortunately there isn't a lot of room to deviate with this build - with a few exceptions. Similarly, because 3 points have been spent on Improved Eviscerate, only 2 points are spent on Improved Poisons - which is better suited to Horde Rogues that can take advantage of the Windfury Totem on their main weapon.

Alliance Rogues may want to consider increasing points in Improved Poisons instead of Improved Eviscerate to make up for this lack of extra damage. While there are many viable PvP Builds out there - each with their own pros and cons, the Cold Blood and Hemorrhage PvP Build takes advantage of the Subtlety tree unlike the aforementioned Leveling and Raiding builds, which can help display how useful each of the three trees is in their own right.

This build focuses on extremely fast attacks by stunlocking out of stealth for a quick guaranteed finisher - and the ability to double it to take out vulnerable level 60 characters you'll find early on in Classic. It's still worth noting that as content phases begin to rollout for Classic, this build may lose a bit of its viability as enemy Characters start to aquire better gear and survive longer in combat - and begin using PvP Trinkets to get out of being stunlocked.

When stunned, you'll have time to quickly reach a 5 point combo thanks to Hemorrhage's low energy cost, and then activate Cold Blood to guarantee a critical Eviscerate bolstered by Improved Eviscerate that will tear apart poorly geared level 60 enemies.


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